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Map of the battle and positions of the Spanish Fleet after the battle

Ship movement map

Flag of Spain

Spanish Order of Battle

Infanta Maria Teresa (Flagship), Armored Cruiser, 6890 tons; Vizcaya, Armored Cruiser, 6890 tons; Cristobal Colon, Armored Cruiser, 7234 tons; Almirante Oquendo, Armored Cruiser, 6890 tons; Pluton, Destroyer, 400 tons; Furor, Destroyer, 370 tons.

Total weight of the Spanish Fleet = 28,674 tons

US Flag

American Order of Battle

Brooklyn (Flagship), Armored Cruiser, 9215 tons; Texas, Armored Cruiser, 6682 tons; Iowa, Battleship,11410 tons; Oregon, Battleship, 10288 tons; Indiana, Battleship, 10288 tons; Vixen, Armed Yacht, 806 tons; Gloucester, Armed Yacht, 786 tons.

Total weight of the American Fleet = 49,475 tons

Ratio = 1.8 to 1 in favor of the U.S. Fleet

Tonnage figures derived from Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships 1860-1905

Beached Ship positions

Diagram not to scale


Positions of the Spanish fleet on 03 July, 1898.

Number 1 is the Spanish torpedo boat Furor, beached at 1106.

Number 2 is the Spanish torpedo boat Pluton, beached at 1100.

Number 3 is the Spanish cruiser Infanta Maria Teresa (Flagship), beached at 1015.

Number 4 is the Spanish cruiser Oquendo, beached at 1030.

Number 5 is the Spanish cruiser Vizcaya, beached at 1115.

Number 6 is the Spanish cruiser Cristobol Colon, beached at 1330.