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Breech of the 13 Inch Gun

Gun Breech

Courtesy: The Library of Congress, Detroit Publishing

Inside the thirteen inch turret. Shown here are the gun and related mechanisms. The gun on the right has the breech open. The conditions in the turrets were also hazardous as they were in the engineering spaces. The men stationed here and in the handling rooms would move high explosive shells about that could crush a man, and during gun stations, if the gun developed a firing problems and the problem was not handled correctly, a massive explosion could result, killing the entire crew.

Breech and Sailor

Courtesy: U.S. Naval Institute

Above: A Gunner's Mate stands next to one of the 13" guns. The gunner holds a cleaning sponge used for cleaning the barrel and breech of powder residue.

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Cut-away view

Cutaway drawing courtesy of the American Society of Naval Engineers 


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