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Below are links to Organizations, Ship Information, Nautical sites, and Miscellaneous sites.  Please check the miscellaneous sites.  Several great resources for veterans are located here.


 Association of Gunner's Mates

Attention all gun, missile and technician types!

Surface Navy Association

 SNA Yokosuka chapter

U.S. Naval Institute

Professional forum for the sea services

United States Navy League

 Non-Profit organizational support for the sea services

Tin Can Sailors 

For Tin Can Sailors





An excellent site on pre-dreadnought vessels (worth a visit)

 Spruance Class Destroyers

 Modern US destroyers of the Spruance class

H.I.J.M.S. Mikasa

Japanese battleship Mikasa 

HMS Hood Battlecruiser On-Line source

British battlecruiser HMS Hood 

HMS Hood 

Another site on the HMS Hood 

Charles F Adams Class DDG's

US Navy Adams Class DDG's

Destroyers Online Everything destroyers
DD-21 Future Destroyers
Navy Veterans Resources Center Everything Navy plus other branches

Other Nautical

Chief Petty Officers

The Goat Locker 

 Digital Navy

Excellent digital images of historical ship, plus other goodies.

 WWW Virtual Library: Naval & Maritime

 Online naval resources



Service Registry Looking for a Vet or need info?  Check here.
Virtual Vietnam Wall If you can't make it the Wash. DC
National D-Day Museum Remembering D-Day, June 6, 1944
Korean War Memorial Not Forgotten
World War I Website Info on "The Great War"


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