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Metal from the USS Oregon

Photograph taken by website author.

An informative plaque at the mast. The plaque reads:

* Figurehead and Foremast of the Battleship Oregon *

Built by the Union Iron Works of San Francisco, the USS Oregon was launched October 26, 1893 and placed in commission July 31, 1896 * Under the command of Captain C.E. Clark, the Oregon completed a record voyage from San Francisco, California, to Key West, Florida, by way of the Strait of Magellan; A distance of 14,000 miles in 68 days * In the Battle of Santiago de Cuba, she sank the Spanish ships Viscaya and Colon and sealed the fate of the Spanish Navy * During World War I, the Oregon was in coastal defense and was used as a training ship * On July 14,1925, the ship was placed in the custody of the State of Oregon as a historical memorial * During World War II, the Oregon was repossessed by the United States Navy and dismantled - her hull being placed in active service* Thus the Oregon served her country during three wars * This plaque is made of metal from the Battleship Oregon and was presented to the city of Portland by the Battleship Oregon Naval Post 1478, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, on October 29, 1944.

Another plaque

Photograph taken by website author.

This casting was made from iron from the USS Oregon in 1943 and is on display at the Oregon Maritime Center and Museum in Portland, Oregon. 

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