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Mission Statement

It is the opinion of the site author that the preservation of history, specifically American naval history be preserved and remembered so that the sacrifices of American servicemen and women not go unnoticed. Freedom comes at a heavy cost to service members and their families. Please enjoy the images and information provided, but also gives thanks to those who gave. Below are the goals of this site.

-To preserve the history of one of the first true battleships to serve in the United States Navy and to bring to light the accomplishments of the ship and the crew who sailed her.

-To provide the visitors to this site a medium in which to experience the USS Oregon, interior and exterior.

- To convey general information to visitors concerning topics relating to the United States Navy and to support the preservation of American naval history.



The information on this and the main site reflect numerous years of work and research. Every effort has been made to ensure that all copyright laws have been followed and to give due credit where credit is due. All images and contained within this site are accredited for and/or in the public domain. If you are a student and are using this material for research, please feel free to use the information provided, but please be sure to give credit the site author with the following note:

Courtesy: USS Oregon website/Jeffrey H. Meals

The photographs and drawings may not be used without permission of the website author or the photographic source.

The opinions stated in this site are expressly those of the author and do not reflect the opinions of the Department of Defense, State of Oregon, and any form of Federal, State, or local government nor do they represent those of any organization referenced here.






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