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Modifications made to the USS Oregon

As a ship goes through its service life (normally twenty to thirty years), the ship will receive modifications to ensure that the ship will remain an effective fighting platform. It will receive upgrades in weapon systems, hull modifications, and the like. This page contains information concerning upgrades and alterations to the USS Oregon.

The Oregon received numerous alterations in an effort to keep her modern and improve the capabilities of the ship. After the Spanish-American War, for example, the smoke stacks on the ship were raised to improve the draft of the fire rooms and to facilitate the battlestations located aft of the stacks as they frequently received a heavy dose of the coal laden stack gas. Also of note, the mahogany pilothouse that the Oregon possessed before the War was never replaced as it was on her sisters.





U.S. Navy Photograph

Above:  The USS Oregon at the Mare Island Naval Yard for overhaul.  

A schedule of alterations to the USS Oregon was drafted and finalized at the Puget Sound Navy Yard in Bremerton, Washington on August 22, 1902 and projects alterations out to mid 1909. This modifications include the following as listed in the chart below:



Date scheduled


02/05/07 & 03/26/09

 Boat Stowage


Chart House


 Figure Head


Fire Control Tower


6" Guns removed 


3" Guns added 






Torpedo Tubes

02/05/07 & 01/23/07

Running Lights


Description -

Awnings - Protective awnings and related equipment that cover boats, boat deck, and quarterdeck improved.

Boat Stowage - Equipment related to boat stowage improved.

Charthouse - Charthouse improved.

Figurehead - Decorative figurehead (Bowshield) removed.

Fire Control Tower - Fire Control Tower (aft cage mast) added to support radio equipment and fire control equipment.

6" guns - All 6" guns removed (obsolete).

3" guns - New, improved 3" anti-destroyer guns added in the following locations: two atop each 13" turret, one atop each 8" turret, and four on boat deck where the 6 pound guns are. All 6 pound guns on boat deck removed.

Mast - Mast altered and improved to support new radio equipment

Searchlights - New 36" searchlights added to the following locations: Two on the forward mast, first platform, one on each boat crane, two on after cage mast.

Torpedo Tubes - Bow and aft torpedo tubes removed (obsolete).

Running lights - New running lights added on masts.

USS Oregon modification drawing, 1912


Oregon in Portland

Courtesy: Alex Blendl, Historical Photographs 

Above: USS Oregon arriving in Portland, Oregon circa 1912. This photograph shows many of the modifications that the Oregon received such as the Fire Control tower (cage mast, lack of figurehead, and the 3" guns).


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