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Sources and References

Below is a listing of sources and references that helped create these pages. Without the help and support of these individuals and organizations, this task would have been very difficult. Thank you to all. Well done.

Acknowledgements -

A special thanks to the following for all of their help and assistance.

Mr. Sanford Sternlicht.

Mr. Edward Neubauer.

Mr. Steve Hubbard.

Mr. Joe Bashlow.

GMC (SW) Ray Bales, USN.

Mr. Joe Baney, Portland Council of the Navy League.

Mr. Ron Waude.

Mr. Robert Lawrence.

Mr. Gary Kingzett.

Mr. Alex Blendl.

Mr. Jon Theisen.

Mr. George Fisher.

Mr. Roman Detyna.

The Oregon Maritime Center and Museum, Portland, Oregon.

Nautical Society of Oregon.

Columbia River Maritime Museum, Astoria, Oregon.

The Oregon Historical Society, Portland, Oregon.

The National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.

Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center, Eugene, Oregon.

United States Naval Reserve Recruiting Office, Portland, Oregon.

United States Library of Congress.

United States Naval Institute.

Salem Public Library, Salem, Oregon.

San Diego State University, San Diego, California

Finally: To my family, friends, and colleagues who provided ideas and suggestions. Thanks.

References -

Blow, Michael, "A Ship to Remember", New York, New York: William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1992. An excellent history of the conflict with Spain and the USS Maine.

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"Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships 1860-1905", London, England: Conway Maritime Press, 1979. Excellent listing of warships from all over the world from 1860 through 1905.

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Webber, Bert, "Battleship Oregon......Bulldog of the Navy", Medford, Oregon: Webb Research Group, 1994. Excellent information concerning the history of the battleship. 


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