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Today, what remains of a once proud warship is very little, contained in two parks along Front Avenue in Portland, Oregon. The first park is Governor Tom McCall Waterfront Park, named after one of Oregon's governors. A small portion of this park are dedicated to the most prominent piece left, the military mast of the USS Oregon, which rightfully so, is called Battleship Oregon Memorial Marine Park.

About half a mile north of the mast of the Oregon is another park called Liberty Ship Memorial Park. In this small park are three tall flagpoles and two gray smoke stacks from the USS Oregon. An interesting fact about this park, is that it is a quasi-ship graveyard. Buried in the ground are the bows of 110 liberty ships. One will notice a few pieces of the mass-produced transports above ground and a plaque with the names of the ships "buried".

Between these two parks are the remaining pieces of a once proud and historic warship. A few other pieces remain, such as the ships bell, which is located in the Naval Reserve Center in Eugene, Oregon and the ship's binnacle which is located in a museum across the street from the mast. The Oregon Historical Society (OHS) also has a lifering from the ship, a steam pressure gauge, and a few other pieces including the silver service set that was donated by the citizens of Oregon. The Oregon Maritime Center and Museum (OMCM) has a display of the famed battleship and is located across from the mast as does the Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria, Oregon.

Mast in downtown Portland

Photograph taken by website author.

The mast from the Battleship USS Oregon located on Front Avenue in Portland, Oregon as it appears today.

Numerous pieces and artifacts from the USS Oregon remain. The military mast is the largest and then the two smoke stacks. Below is a list of artifacts that remain.

Ships bell: Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center, Eugene, Oregon

Ships quarterdeck bell: Bremerton Naval Museum, Bremerton, Washington

Jacking Gear Wrench (13" Gun): Bremerton Naval Museum, Bremerton Washington

Ship's Binnacle: Oregon Maritime Center and Museum, Portland, Oregon

One pound gun: Columbia River Maritime Museum, Astoria Oregon

Inclinometer - Columbia River Maritime Museum, Astoria Oregon

Life Ring: Oregon Historical Society, Portland, Oregon

Steam Gauge: Oregon Historical Society, Portland, Oregon

Name Board: Oregon Historical Society, Portland, Oregon

Silver Service Set (On loan from private party): Oregon Historical Society, Portland, Oregon

Radio-Shack: Private residence in a suburb of Portland, Oregon

Boiler: Located in a old mining camp just east of Salem, Oregon


Other smaller pieces such as actual metal from the ship (left) and small blocks of wood are in possession of private individuals plus numerous models of the Oregon exists such as the one below which is at the Bremerton Naval Museum.




Model of Oregon

Photograph taken by website author.

The USS Oregon model above depicts the ship in drydock in Bremerton and is unique in that this model shows the ship after several modifications were made to the ship including the aft cage mast, raised smokestacks, and added armament atop of the gun turrets. Behind the model is the ships bell from the USS Washington BB 56 and the cylindrical object is a power canister for a 8" gun.

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Pleadwell

Above:  One of the ships wheels from the USS Oregon.  This wheel was probably found in a below compartment in the after steering compartment.  The wheel will be on display at the Jeff's Pirate Cove in Guam.  If you are in the area, pay him a visit


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