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The United States Navy

The United States Navy constitutes the most powerful armed service in the world. No other organization possesses the capability or responsibility that the Navy has. The role of the Navy is protect the United States and its overseas possessions and to ensure open sea lanes. To facilitate this mission, the Navy employs ships, aircraft, submarines, and Marines and deploys these assets regularly in the interest of the United States and her allies.

Many people will and do wonder why we must maintain a Navy and perform these missions. They will say that the Cold War is over and that "we" won. This could not be father from the truth. In this day and age, the world is a much more dangerous place. But how can this be?

Above: U.S. Cruisers and supply ships on patrol somewhere in the world. Courtesy: U.S. Navy

With the breakup of the Eastern Bloc and the Soviet Union, a void was created. Former Eastern Bloc countries now look for new freedoms and, occasionally in process, dredge up old historical problems. Additionally, other nations (many up and coming world powers) around the world exert new found freedoms and look to fill the void. These problems stem from several causes. Under the banner of nationalism, religious thought, political boundaries and ancient historical boundaries, conflicts arise, many in remote location where most people could not find the country on a map. These conflicts pose threats to the neighboring nations who have peaceful intentions, and who, more than likely, do not possess the capability to respond and defend themselves.

Another important fact that cannot be denied is that, in today's world, the United States is part of the global community. We import and export good and materials. Most (sources indicate between 85% to 95%) of these goods and materials traverse the numerous ocean "highways". The sea services of the United States and her allies (must) ensure that these "highways" remain open if the global community desires to grow.

If we do not maintain a strong military, and in particularly, a strong Navy, and allow our forces to shrink to dangerous levels, we run the risk of repeating history and suffering grave consequences.

Above: Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, December 7, 1941. American forces are attacked and suffer great personnel and material loses. The United States is thrust into World War II.


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