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USS Oregon Image Gallery

The USS Oregon "Images Gallery" contains drawings and depictions of the USS Oregon and other naval related artwork. Below is a listing of the images in this gallery. Enjoy. If you have artwork to contribute send me an E-Mail and I'll list your name as the contributor.

USS Oregon in white/buff scheme

A postcard image of the USS Oregon in the white and buff color scheme. Note the raised smokestacks, indicating service after the Spanish-American War.

Pride of the U.S. Navy and the United States.

Chain Line

Mount Hood Mt. Hood, symbol of Oregon.

Indiana Class Battleline An oil painting of the whole Indiana Class.

USS Oregon Drawing A dramatic drawing of the Oregon underway.

Oregon in peril The USS Oregon in the Straits of Magellan.

USS Oregon in Bremerton Post card image of the USS Oregon in drydock at Bremerton.

Post cards of the USS Oregon Another post card image of the USS Oregon prior to the Spanish-American War.

USS Oregon in Portland A drawing of the USS Oregon berthed in Portland before World War II.

Battle of Santiago de Cuba Painting of the Battle of Santiago de Cuba.

USS Oregon departs The USS Oregon departs for sea.

USS Oregon Arrives The USS Oregon arriving in New York.

USS Oregon in a Hurricane The USS Oregon encounters a hurricane in the Pacific.

USS Oregon enters Portland Harbor Post card of the ship entering Portland.

USS Oregon at Sea USS Oregon underway in the Pacific Ocean.

USS Indianapolis salutes USS Oregon A pre-war salute to the ship.




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